Forest / Trees

by Long Neck

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Just some lil' demos.

"Can't See The Forest Through The Trees" was recorded in the living room of my old house.

"Ludlow" was recorded during a rainstorm in upstate NY, with vocals done in a biology lab when no one was around.

"Big Arms" and "Hunger" were recorded in my room at school (sorry, neighbors).

Best listened to with headphones.


released November 19, 2014

All songs and music written and performed by me.



all rights reserved


Long Neck Jersey City, New Jersey

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos. This is some of her music. She hopes you enjoy it.

Have a great day.

Lily: guitar, vox
Kevin: guitar
Alex: bass, vox
John: drums
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Track Name: Can't See The Forest For The Trees
You are the name I don't want to know.
You are the tree I don't want to grow.
I move to refuse, but I'm asking for more.
Never on the bed, always on the floor.

Catching your breath in the net in my lungs.
Spreading infections to target the young.
Drank just a little bit, there was nothing to do.
Flat on my back, thinking of you,
and I can't get up.
Track Name: Big Arms
I've got
big arms.
They used to hold you.
But not anymore

I've got
big feet.
They used to walk to your house.
But not anymore.

I've got
a big mouth.
It used to say things
I don't mean anymore.

Stagnant and shrinking and mind overthinking
How long have I not been breathing?
You, you were just there. I blinked, that's all, I swear
What am I supposed to be dealing with?

I've got
big ankles.
They click about
as I walk away.

I've got
big eyes.
They used to look in a mirror
just so I could say:

"These are angles sorely lacking
and a smile that needs cracking.
This body needs some tacking
and this brain needs some racking."

Stagnant and shrinking and mind overthinking
How long have you not been breathing?
Your shadow stops following, you find yourself bawling
and hoping that he starts calling soon.

I've got
big arms.
They used to hold on
but not anymore.
Track Name: Ludlow
I know you don't miss me as much as I thought, but it's ok, it's getting better. You felt the city, you felt the miles. You never returned my letter. We don't talk much any more and some days it just kills me. I feel every arrow to never hit it's mark. I stay up late and hold on to the dark. I curl up to feel small. But it's ok, I'm doing fine. You don't need to worry like you do. Wish you could understand me in perfect clarity, understand why I was furious then crying over you. I know you don't miss me as much as I miss you. But I still wish that we could talk, stay up late like we do and try not to wake our parents up. I feel the miles, I rewrite my letters. I'd send more if I thought you would respond. You could be so much better than you are.
Track Name: Hunger (Apology Song)
The wine in my belly has stopped being so mean
You have the kindest face I have ever seen
Let me hold it in my hands, keep it in my grasp
I need something glimmering, something that could last

But there's a gnawing at my heel and a tugging on my sleeve
I'm choking on words I was set to believe in
This is madness, this is cruelty, this is fucking messed up
How I can't ask for help and swear it's enough
I can't ask for help, I swear it's enough

That kind face of yours is smiling, I know it's all sincere
You don't know how happy I am to be with you here
Tomorrow, I'll wear something with pockets, so I can stuff them with words I refuse to say
Like "You're everything I want and I hate the way you know
I need you more than ever. Can we hang out in your home?
You make me want to scream the ribs out of my skin,
I'll hang on to you like I hang on to them"

And there's that gnawing and tugging at my heel and sleeve again
What I need now is a really good friend
But I hide my hunger, I'm ashamed of all my food
I feed on how much I want you
Feed and keep feeding on how much I want you

For now, where I'm standing is where I should be
With you standing tall, keeping an eye on me
I'm sorry for the burden, to make you so bereft
of space, but you're still here, you haven't left

You're still here