by Long Neck

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Recorded through the winter and spring of 2015 in my dorm room, at my parents' house in Jersey City, and at the Guitar Bar in Hoboken. This is a collection of songs I wrote during and about four years of college and three years of coming to terms with an abundance of things and figuring myself out.

This is by no means a perfect album, but it's mine, and I'm proud.

This album is for all of my friends, here, there, and everywhere, past present and future. This album is for my family. This album is for my dog.

Thanks, team.


released June 9, 2015

All songs written and performed by me.

Thanks to Ben Opatut for lending me his bass.

Marcel Rudin sings on "Salt".

Album artwork based on a photograph taken by Emily Hughes.

Mr. Rogers soundbite taken from the album "Come On And Wake Up" (1972).



all rights reserved


Long Neck Jersey City, New Jersey

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos. This is some of her music. She hopes you enjoy it.

Have a great day.

Lily: guitar, vox
Kevin: guitar
Alex: bass, vox
John: drums
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Track Name: Lullaby
hear the train by the river getting closer and closer
doesn't it know we're all trying to sleep?
every star blinks, they're growing colder
waiting for the passing of freight to the day

tonight, we all crowded and pressed and endured
you moved close to me, much more than before
i was struck back to when i was 16
had a heart like a racehorse galloping

i wanna believe there's something coming other than that train or the cars on the interstate. we can talk about sex, we can drink our 40s alone, but we are still kids. fuck we are just kids.

tonight, we all crowded and pressed and endured
you moved close to me, much more than before
i was struck back to when i was 16
had a heart like a racehorse galloping
when every christmas season, with all the lights and the snow
his living room was warm. i'd be itching to go
sit there and play songs in drop d
he was folk, he was blues, he was country to me.
and you are so much better than he was
you are so much better than he will ever be.
you mean so much more to me than he does
you mean so much more than he will ever mean

have a good night, have a good night
hope you sleep tight, have a good night
go to bed now, go to bed now
dream of high ground, dream with no sound
Track Name: Salt
ice floes, ice floats--what's the use?
winter songs on repeat in a fall gloom
winter songs on repeat to be close to you
i don't wanna stay here when the sun sets, like i don't wanna lose your number when the poles reset
i'm not ready not ready for that trek

ice floes, ice floats in a cold place
surface cracks like the lines in your face
surface cracks like dirt in an earthquake
i said "you move like a priest" and
you said i "stare like lilith did"
didn't think i was a demon

i want to run til breathless
i want to stand til weightless
i don't wanna stick around for the nonsense so
let me hide with the dust in your basement
i wanna stretch my body like a black hole
never-ending, all-expanding, don't know where it goes
it's a power, and i think that i'll take it
do you know if there's salt for the frostbit?
Track Name: Heights
tomorrow, i go back upstate
not long now til i graduate
tomorrow's comin up too soon
not long now til i'm 22

lived by river, let me live by sea
lived alone, let me have company
burned my feet to mark my tracks
fell asleep to whistling scolopax

your palms
with my hands
and pull
me through
the murk
i'm waiting for
a good light
and fireworks

so it's dark before the dawn?
i've stumbled home past concrete lawns
when the world was spinning all too fast
i wanted to feel dewy grass

but the city seen 'cross from the heights
filters out the stars at night
and in this bronze and golden view
i want to share it all with you

your eyes
with my own
and tell me
what you feel
i'm waiting for
the summer
and something real

new jersey, i don't want to go
but you know i love you so
new jersey, i'll be back, i swear
to you and all who i left there
Track Name: Cetacean Nation
broken hearts and sideways glances
plastic bags stuck in tree branches
tiny, grand, or grown to size
we are shades of wanted lives

crowded rooms and secret pages
chipped teeth and minimum wages
did you think you could predict?
did you think it'd be like this?

feet all hangin in a swimming pool
feel like a kid staying home from school

(enter mr. rogers)

nightmares and cold, empty sheets
exile and warm snuggeries
scream into a ringing phone
screaming cos you feel alone

sometimes it's hard to breathe at night
weight on my chest, throat closes tight
to go out swimming with my fears
some say whales live two hundred years!

feet all hangin in a swimming pool
feel like a kid staying home from school
Track Name: Ludlow
i know you don't miss me as much as i thought, but it's ok, it's getting better. you felt the city, you felt the miles, you never returned my letter. we don't talk much anymore and some days it just kills me. i feel every arrow to never hit its mark. i stay up late and hold on to the dark. i curl up to feel small. but it's ok, i'm doing fine. you don't need to worry like you do. wish you could understand me in perfect clarity, understand why i was furious then crying over you. i know you don't miss me as much as i miss you. but i still wish that we could talk, stay up late like we do and try not to wake our parents up. i feel the miles, i rewrite my letters, i'd send more if i thought you would respond.
you could be so much better than you are.
Track Name: The Good & The Bad
little leaves in the trees, broken glass on the ground
did you see me? i was trying not to be found
white docs all muddy, everyone can see where i've been
heart's on my sleeve, but i'm trying to keep it hid

these are my stories, and they are mine to tell

listen--love is a window thrown open
when the panes clatter and all the glass shatters
and what it lets in, and what goes creeping towards
something gentler and something of matter

these are my heartbeats, and they are mine to have
through the good and the bad

could you imagine my surprise when i realized
i was writing songs with you in mind?

listen--love is a crack in the silo
tuck it aside, it trickles outside
the split gets wider, and it grows and grows and grows
when it crumbles, you scramble to confide

Track Name: Dogstar
someone took a needle to the sky
and kept missing the vein, they were trying they were trying
someone took a needle to the sky
they were having a hard time, i'm not lying i'm not lying

every time that i close up my eyes
i want to find you there, i am vying feels like vying
every time that i close up my eyes
"out of sight and out of mind", they were lying they were lying

and the dogstar keeps on shining all along
the dogstar is still hanging on and on

spent all morning tracking up the snow
i cannot feel my toes, it is ok it is ok
spent all morning tracking up the snow
by tomorrow's dawn, there'll be no trace will be no trace

i will not drink whiskey to stay warm!
or to tell you how i feel, though i'm afraid, i am afraid
i will not drink whiskey to stay warm
could always be honest, i will be brave i will be brave

and the dogstar keeps on shining through and through
the dogstar keeps on shining through the blue
Track Name: Six Pack
calm yourself down and stretch your limbs
take her name and breathe it in
buy a six pack and drink it dry
pass out on the couch at night

cos you're alone again
alone again
don't it hurt?

tell your friends that you're doing great
that her eyes don't keep you up so late
or how her mouth is a perfect slate
and that you don't feel you're about to break

but you're alone again
alone again
you don't know why
you're so alone again, it feels longer this time
Track Name: Hunger (Apology Song)
the wine in my belly has stopped being so mean
you have the kindest face that i have ever seen
let me hold it in my hands, keep it in my grasp
i need something glimmering, something that could last

there's a gnawing at my heel and a tugging on my sleeve
i'm choking on the words i was set to believe in
this is madness, this is cruelty, this is fucking messed up
how i can't ask for help and swear it's enough
i can't ask for help, i swear it's enough

that kind face of yours is smiling, i know it's all sincere
you don't know how happy i am to be with you here
tomorrow, i'll wear something with pockets
so i can stuff them with words i refuse to say
like "you're everything i want, and i hate the way you know.
i need you more than ever, can we hang out in your home?
you make me want to scream the ribs out of my skin
i'll hang on to you like i hang on to them"

and there's that gnawing and tugging at my heel and sleeve again
what i need now is a really good friend
but i hide my hunger, i'm ashamed of all my food
i feed on how much i want you
feed and keep feeding on how i want you

for now, where i'm standing is where i should be
with you, standing tall, keeping an eye on me
i'm sorry for the burden, to make you so bereft of space
but you're still here, you haven't left
you're still here
Track Name: The Woods
too early fireflies, washed out by rain
the bats flew far out and came back again
they kept me company, and i was grateful for it
a "hearty" welcome to the hole in my heart
a shaky good-bye to the woods that i loved
here's the new canopy i'm working with

i can hear your voice now
calling through the dark, it's a dizzying sound
i can hear your voice now

where are you tonight? i need someone to scream to
would you treat me right? am i in your dreams, too?
you left your phantom limbs with me
some nights they're still wrapped around me
i know i wasn't made for you
no "other half" myth could make it true
we don't talk like we used to
i don't hold my breath like i used to

i can hear your voice now
calling through the dark, it's a dizzying sound
i can hear your voice now