"lil neck" fall demos

by Long Neck

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here are a few songs written fall 2015, which has by far been one of the longest and roughest times for me in a very long while

these songs were recorded through soundcloud, as my tech has decided to stop working, so i am very sorry for the quality of the sound

consider these songs stakeholders, placemats for what i'd like to do later on.

i'm still here, still making music, still hanging out with my pup

happy winter, gang


released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Long Neck Jersey City, New Jersey

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos. This is some of her music. She hopes you enjoy it.

Have a great day.

Lily: guitar, vox
Kevin: guitar
Alex: bass, vox
John: drums
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Track Name: october is queen
the first of october was cold, gray and rainy
but i felt the warm breath of every dark shade
each storied phantom and ghoul stood before me
they pursed their old lips and kissed both my cheeks

did you see the grey clouds hanging over manhattan?
i watched them from my tiny room in the heights
i hoped you were cozy and safe from the weather
i hoped you were getting enough sleep at night

i dreamt of forests like deep rolling embers
i dreamt of you softly singin my name
every urge i have to scream for your answer
untempered by the winds of a hurricane
i wished that his skies were red in the morning
but that spell could never rest in my hands
this is a month that is reigned all by spectres
i hope that is something you can understand

thoughts and desires grow to be myths
uncertainty lies in if they exist
things local legends whisper at night
nothing but dares for strangers to find
Track Name: mint talker
aren't you the mint talker?
cool words and heart stopper
i could chew you to a cud
i could be the one you love

aren't you the lone winter
gales and battered liver
i could put a sweater on
i could be the one you want

you gave me hope
i gave myself a stick and poke

aren't you the long river
ocean bound and white water
i could smash against the rocks
i could try to swim across

but aren't i the home-haunter
gaunt faced and night stalker
you could hide your face away
you don't have to be afraid

you gave me hope
i gave myself a stick and poke
Track Name: elizabeth
oh elizabeth, don't tell anyone
how i'm just another voice on the turnpike
lost to the roar of the speeding cars
oh elizabeth, keep it a secret
how i always thought that he would mean it
does his hair bristle at my name?

oh, don't get so sad
i'm working through it the best i can
cos i dig holes in the bellies of men
who could not care less

west milford, so full of spectres
yeah i guess i thought we'd be together
ghost boy had tossed me a lucky coin
west milford, don't let on
i've been listening to the same 3 songs
and i swear i can hear sing them too

oh, don't get so sad
i'm working through it the best i can
cos i dig holes in the bellies of men
who could not care less

new jersey, what's the worry?
it's not like i'm in any hurry
i can see the lights of home
Track Name: hive collapse
i know where i'm happiest, i know where i thrive
it's so far away from this, i'm damned if i don't try

what's a body without sleep?
hive collapsing round its bees
no buzzing and no sweet dreams
just empty space where there should be honey

i know where you're living now, i know where you are
if you don't think that i'm missing you, you were foolish from the start

what's a body without love?
volcano so full of
blazing magma
twitchin for a moment to erupt

branches all devoid of leaves, this is how a season ends
branches reachin up to sky
are we still even friends?