by Long Neck

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released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Long Neck Jersey City, New Jersey

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos. This is some of her music. She hopes you enjoy it.

Have a great day.

Lily: guitar, vox
Kevin: guitar
Alex: bass, vox
John: drums
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Track Name: Megafauna
we were kids in a museum and everything looked bigger
amidst all the dead things, we got to figure
that we could find love in the dinosaur skulls and beauty in their bones
we'd spend the whole day looking up, we never wanted to go home

but the raptors and dimorphodons, we missed by millions of years
if you had up and gone, i'd miss you for millions...

the bones are big, and i've gotten bigger too
i still think of walking the halls with you, cos
everything's the same. the megafauna remain
poised with fullest bearing, with every tusk and antler raised

but the mammoths and the mastodons, we missed ten thousand years
if you had up and gone, i'd miss you for ten thousand years
Track Name: All Of Winter's Enemies (bonus track!)
this world is one big empty space
these snowflakes fall as if from grace
did you hear the spirits stir?

in forests phased out into gray
i had you on my mind today
cold wind hollered through the timbers

the cracking of this crooked jaw
i'm ready, waiting for the thaw
will you be there when i'm done?

oh god! i left my sister in
the city, big and shivering
when will she be home tonight?

all of winter's enemies
lie lonely in their snuggeries
this room is empty, it is mine

so tell me, what do ten years hold
for someone who is often told
"you will be happy, give it time"?